EMD Electronics Is Creating the Next Generation of Materials, Equipment, and Services

Tech Report

Electronics impact almost everything in our daily life. In a world gripped by the COVID pandemic, companies have embraced new technology solutions to maintain business operations and connect with consumers.

While there are plenty of companies out there with amazing portfolios of technology and products, what about the company behind the companies?

What I mean is, what about the team that develops all of that amazing tech to create the chips and displays that provide advanced electronics for a broad spectrum of companies? That’s exactly who we’re highlighting today.

EMD Electronics, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, is leading the charge towards advancing digital living in a global pandemic.

EMD Electronics’s product and service portfolio was designed to enable the future of electronics in a data-driven world.

EMD Gruop

They offer the broadest portfolio of semiconductor and display materials and provide industry-leading delivery and storage of specialty chemicals and gases.

Semiconductor materials are what allow electronics to operate at all. They enable the transmission of communications, information, and signals.

EMD Electronics is pushing the boundaries on what’s possible, unlocking the potential for smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient devices.

Its Delivery Systems and Services provide high-quality delivery and storage of specialty chemicals and gases to safely guard the molecule of semiconductor and display materials during fabrication.

Then of course there is Display Solutions, which shapes the display technologies of tomorrow with its innovative liquid crystals.

And their global footprint is only getting bigger with more and more companies employing their materials and products. Recent acquisitions have significantly enlarged their footprint and investments in R&D and production in the U.S. and more specifically, Arizona.

You can learn more about the cutting-edge developments at EMD Electronics by going to EMDgroup.com.