Polytomic Helps Companies Both Large and Small Move Data Between Departments

Biz Report

The flow of data within a business is directly linked to the efficiency and viability of that business.

There’s no way around it, departments need information from other departments in order to do their jobs. Unfortunately, transferring data between these departments is easier said than done.

Polytomic is a San Francisco-based company that has one mission – to help companies both large and small efficiently move data between their departments with as little effort as possible.

The web app works directly with internal business systems to sync data between them.

While other “solutions” might take weeks to implement, Polytomic’s innovative web app reduces the time to a mere 5 minutes.

Employing their very own proprietary distributed query engine which is extremely efficient at extracting data from multiple sources and sending them to a destination system, they are able to create a very straightforward user interface.

In that way, business teams have easy access to data from any relevant part of the company with the simple click of a button.

Reduced time and an easy-to-use interface make the Polytomic web app the best solution for automatic inter-department data transfers.

Start using the innovative system today by heading to Polytomic.com.