MagicLinen – Bespoke Linen Home Textiles and Linen Clothing for Both Men and Women

Consumer Update

The magic of linen is directly connected to the care and quality introduced in the creation and crafting of the product. The proper attention to detail and care for your specific needs is what makes it stand out.

This is what is at the forefront of everything they create at MagicLinen.

This female-led business specializes in bespoke linen home textiles and linen clothing for both men and women.

Each product is handmade from the highest quality European linen.

Magic Linen

What makes MagicLinen different from other “similar” companies is their sole focus on linen and that they cut out the middleman. That’s right, they control every step of the production process from concept to crafting and manufacturing.

Not only is this reflected in their craftsmanship but in their pricing as well. Because there is no middleman, they can charge more affordable prices, though their products are the highest quality on the market.

They also strive to be an ethical, sustainable, and transparent company. MagicLinen items are carefully handmade from high-quality OEKO-Tex certified linen with great attention to sustainability.

With a subtle color palette and unique design details, everything they make is a fresh take on timeless classics.

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