XSpecial – The Ultimate Blade Meat Tenderizer

Consumer Update

Cooking meat is more than just getting that perfect sear or juicy center. Even the yummiest tasting meat goes out the window if it’s chewy. Not only does extra chewy meat take longer to cook, but it also ruins the enjoyment of the meal.

Well, we’ve found the ultimate Blade meat tenderizers to solve that problem.


The XSpecial Meat Tenderizers transform the toughest, blandest cuts of meat into mouthwatering goodness.

Say goodbye to tough, chewy cuts of meat.

We’ve all had that moment where we stop and think to ourselves, “I swear this meat was a lot Tender.” Well, no more.

This incredible tool features ultra-thin, extra-long blades to do the job right.

Enjoy succulent tender meats every time.

Even clean-up is easy what with it being dishwasher safe and all.

Buy it now and taste the tenderness! Find the XSpecial Meat Tenderizer Blades today on Amazon.