MarkBook Is Improving Student Performance While Saving Teachers Time and Effort

There is no question that enhanced communication among teachers, students, and parents is essential for optimum student growth and success. Robust software solutions provide teachers with deeper insight into their students’ individual performance and enhances their ability to provide helpful and constructive communication.

The Acadiem Group recognizes that a critical element to education is to frequently inform students of their progress throughout the learning process, which is why they developed MarkBook Class Management software.

With consistent feedback and strengthened communication of individual student’s achievement among teachers, students and parents, MarkBook users are provided with an easy-to-use, professional and sophisticated, approach to improved student growth and success.

The latest version of this powerful software is 100% browser-based, lightning-fast, and user-friendly. It includes a host of functions that educators find essential.

Educators can easily create individual and class reports; track student performance over time; show distribution graphs for classes and trend graphs for students, adjust individual grades; create and optimize seating charts with photos and analysis; import and update class rosters from selected school information systems; record and analyze attendance and much more.

With such tools at the ready, MarkBook users gain instant insight into the performance of their students. They are able to identify and take the necessary steps to promote individual success and enhance their perception as professionals who are “in control” of the learning process.

With detailed, customizable, and easily created personalized reports, teachers can ensure that their students are aware of their progress throughout the school year, allowing students to understand and be personally accountable for their own performance.

With regular and detailed MarkBook reports, parents and students have answers showing the path to improvement and teachers can spend less time managing and more time planning and teaching.

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