R-Zero – The First Biosafety Technology Dedicated to Safer Indoor Spaces

Tech Report

Never have the subjects of disinfection and clean spaces been more relevant than now. Our eyes have opened up to the fact that invisible germs, diseases, and other pathogens permeate the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch.

We can’t ignore this reality, and we need real, robust solutions to make the world around us safer for all.

R-Zero is the first biosafety technology company dedicated to creating safer indoor environments through intelligent, sustainable disinfection.

More specifically, R-Zero was founded to help organizations, and not just those in the healthcare industry, protect the health of the people they serve.

R-Zero achieves this goal by developing the most effective and innovative UV light disinfection solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to reduce infection spread.

R-Zero’s flagship product, the Arc, is an IoT-enabled, whole-room UV disinfection device that can be moved from room to room to disinfect unoccupied spaces. The Arc is currently enabling increased health safety for thousands of people.

And I mean that quite literally. This state-of-the-art disinfection solution is being used across organizations in both the public and private sectors. And what’s most impressive is it accomplishes its intended goal without the use of chemicals.

That’s right: the Arc is a chemical-free solution. It reduces the viral load in unoccupied rooms to zero by emitting powerful UV-C light.

The R-Zero Arc enables any organization to achieve hospital-grade disinfection with an automated system that makes the invisible disinfection process visible.

And it doesn’t just disinfect surfaces. The Arc can disinfect the air and surfaces in a 1,000 square foot room in 7 minutes.

We’re talking hospital-grade efficacy in every indoor space. R-Zero evaluates the risk by location to create a layered, best-in-class disinfection ecosystem. This ecosystem serves as a unique and customized solution tailored to a client’s building, budget, and safety needs, ensuring a healthy indoor environment for employees and visitors.

Depending on the inherent risk in a space, R-Zero will recommend a combination of autonomous and manual solutions, making sure the plan includes the best technology for delivering the ultimate disinfection defense in your unique space.

And it’s all done with sustainability in mind, from product design to waste management, providing accessible products and biosafety across the portfolio.

R-Zero is making it possible for virtually any organization to measure and manage indoor health risk with a level of sophistication and technology that is unprecedented. And that’s not even hyperbole.

Their continuous, automated disinfection ecosystem is the first of its kind, made possible by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT connected hardware. The intelligent R-Zero platform relies on this advanced tech to provide disinfection protocol reporting and to reduce health risks in indoor environments.

With 99.9% efficacy against even the toughest pathogens out there, R-Zero solutions deliver the defense we need against microbial threats in these uncertain times.

Find out more about the robust disinfection capabilities of UV light by visiting to Rzero.com today.