Tech-Adaptika Is Helping Onboard New Employees in a More Interactive Way

Most studies suggest that by 2025 almost 50% of employees will change jobs as a result of COVID-19 and automation. That’s what experts call Job-displacement – and it is becoming the new norm. As a result, companies have to hire and re-train employees more often.

Tech-Adaptika has developed an innovative solution that helps HR departments train and onboard new employees in a more interactive way. Using simple Virtual Reality tools that integrate easily with HR systems, Tech-AdaptiKa enhances professional interactions within the company.

Companies can seamlessly onboard and retrain their workforce with a focus on team-building, collaborative training, and simulations. On this LiVe Virtual Campus, you can do pretty much anything like in real life.

Through your personalized avatar, you can walk to different meetings, meet with colleagues, talk to anyone, wave, introduce yourself, participate in different workshops, and learn in a more immersive way. This new norm makes Tech-AdaptiKa one of the most relevant companies in HR and Health & Safety.

Due to Pandemic recovery and automation replacing jobs, companies will have to hire and re-train employees more regularly. Tech-AdaptiKa simply helps you do that in a more interactive way, or as its founder puts it: Tech-AdaptiKa eliminates the distance in Distance Learning.

You can take a look at this innovation at AdaptiKa.Tech.