Ubetalk – Made By Drivers, For Drivers

Until now there was no way for local drivers to connect or feel like they’re part of a special community. Whether you drive for Uber, Amazon, UPS, or you just pull long hours on the road on a regular basis. We found an awesome app for just about anyone driving work-related or not, it’s called Ubetalk. Made by drivers themselves, this iOS app is essentially a social broadcasting app that helps local drivers connect and share stories, creating a real sense of community.

By tuning in to the broadcast, you can find out who makes what and how much, what kind of opportunities exist around you, and hilarious stories of the grind on the road. And best of all, it’s completely anonymous. There’s no signup, no need to enter any personal information, not even your name. It’s GPS location-based, so you know it’s local connecting you with drivers from your town or city. Easy to use, carefree and raw, that’s you Ubetalk. Tune in and stay tuned by downloading Ubetalk from the App Store today. You can also support their crowdfunding campaign at gofundme.com/f/ubetalk. And make sure to look out for an Android version of the app coming soon.