Unify Twin – AI Powered Organization

Industries are advancing at a mad rate thanks to the integration of AI and unprecedented digital technologies. This next company is looking to disrupt virtually any industry that depends upon machinery for its operation. UnifyTwin is the first company that resides in the Industry 5.0 space. The company essentially eliminates digital blind spots and provides AI-powered digital assistance to industrial workers.

The iLens Assistant, as it’s called, works hand-in-hand with iLens Machine to create an efficient operation between humans and machines. By creating invaluable insight for machine data, it provides information that allows humans to better perform their tasks in a variety of industries. The applications are virtually unlimited. The name of the game is efficiency. By circumventing the use of clipboards and pens, and instead relying on recommendations and insights provided by UnifyTwin, managers and workers can predict and adjust for whatever production outcome they envision and achieve maximum efficiency.

Using next-gen apps that are available to everyone on the line, we gain unparalleled access to improved productivity.UnifyTwin is leveraging the power of AI to usher in this new age. To get more information about iLens Assistant and iLens Machine and everything UnifyTwin is doing to revolutionize industries, head on over to unifytwin.com