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Webcams are an amazing innovation that allows us to connect with people all over the world, both in personal and business interactions. They also come with their share of privacy concerns, prying eyes and ears may try to gain access without our knowledge. Or you might just forget to switch off the micro cam when you’re done. Well, Arozzi has developed the best webcam offering true privacy for the first time.

We have some very exciting and even first-to-market products to show you today. First, let’s take a look at the Arozzi Occhio webcam. The Occhio is the first webcam of its kind offering true privacy. Other webcams on the market only provide a new function that is software-based making them vulnerable to being hacked. The Occhio introduced a manual microphone circuit breaker, making it possible to obtain true privacy with just a flip of the switch. The Occhio comes with a magnetic lens cover to block the lens completely and provide video privacy as well as a switch to manually turn off the microphone.

Next up it’s got the six-inch LED ring light. The LED ring light allows you to obtain the perfect lighting effects in an environment by having three color temperatures, adjustable brightness, and touch controls. The Occhio also has dual Omni-directional microphones with noise canceling. So you always sound crystal clear. The Occhio captures at full HD resolutions and with the autofocus glass lens, you always look as good as you sound. The Occhio also has various mounting options with the Occhios triple access mounting design, regardless of where you need to mount, clamp or prop up your webcam. This mount will hold the webcam steady. It can also be used as a stand to sit on just about any surface. The Occhio is available in two different models with or without the LED ring light.

The Arena Moto ultra-wide sit-stand desk. The Arena is based on the original bestselling and award-winning Arena desk. Like the Arena, it has an economically curved front, as well as the full surface edge-stitched water-resistant desk mat. The Moto is powered by dual motors, which can support up to 265 pounds on the surface of the desk at its highest level. As you can see, the desk will adjust to the appropriate height for almost any user. The Moto also has three custom cutouts on the front surface of the desk, which allows you to grommet mount monitors. Underneath the desk is an integrated cable management system to keep all your cables organized.

Next is the Five-O RGB, feather white gaming mouse. This mouse has everything to be desired for just about any gamer. It has the latest and most powerful pixar, 33 89 sensor. As well as Omron 20 M switches. The RGB lighting system can be controlled directly from the mouse or customize using the available softwareLastly, today I will present to you the Arozzi Primo chair. The Primo chair simply puts stands out from the competition. There are a few key features of the chair that are far superior to anything on the market today. First is the injection-molded cold cure foam. This type of foam will not flatten or pancake out over time. It holds its shape and is both comfortable as well as ergonomic.

Next is the automobile grade P U leather coverings. It is as strong as it is durable, and it’s very easy to clean. The Primo also has an internal adjustable lumbar support as well as a headrest pillow. It also has a fully reclining capability and a four-dimensional armrest. So you can always find the perfect seating position that wraps it up here at Arozzi.

All of these products and more are available at and major resellers nationwide.