Tool Chest – Every Handyman’s Dream

We love the subscription model, that’s permeating nearly every industry, especially those that offer loot boxes every month, for you handy people out there who treasure their tools. You’re going to want to check out the tool chest. This subscription box company was specifically designed for tool enthusiasts, DIYers, and handymen, and women. Now they offer an array of boxes, including specialty boxes, like carpentry, plumbing, automotive, and more.

To start simply sign up at, You’ll see four options of boxes. The tool subscription box is filled with great tools, and supplies for builders, woodworkers, and the like. Then there’s the premium tool subscription box, where they throw everything and the kitchen sink at you. And finally, they have a plumber and automotive box addition, whichever box you pick rest assured, you’re getting free shipping. Then pick whichever subscription option fits your needs. Monthly every three months, every six months, or even a one-time order. The tool chest will then put together your goodie box replete with a mix of different tools, from the top brands like DeWalt and Ryobi. It’s the perfect gift for that tool lover, in your life. They even have a special Christmas box for the holidays.

Build your collection of top-of-the-line tools today, by signing up at,