Fandom Sports – The Ultimate E-Sports App

We know what it means to be a true sports fan. You want to eat, breathe, and of course, talk sports all the time. Now the same goes for you E-sports fanatics out there ensure this content we absorb through your phone but have you really found the ultimate sports fan app yet? Well, this might just be it.

Check out the fandom sports site. The fandom sports platform allows players to challenge their friends with E-sports and sports predictions or wagers, but it doesn’t stop there. The platform will literally shell out rewards for simply engaging with their favorite content. We’re talking about the ultimate dual-screen experience where you can challenge your friends on what’s going on in real-time, all while racking up rewards simply for being a fan. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Simply go to select the games you’re obsessed with, choose the streams that you want to watch, and then start predicting game results and of course, winning major points. Those points can be exchanged for some awesome rewards. Going a step further, fandom allows fans to create digital memories through non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These are an essence, digital captures that are totally unique, with our own inherent value that can’t be replicated. E-sports and NFTs are in a marriage made in heaven.

Fandom sports, lets you create and capture unique digital moments from your favorite stream or broadcast content totally on the fly. These NFTs can then be bought or sold, just another sweet reward for being a super fan. Get ready for unlimited E-sports predictions, unique sports predictions, and the ability to create your own sweet NFTs from your favorite stream content,

You can start using the fandom sports platform today by visiting