True Home – Putting Home Maintenance On Auto Pilot

Homeownership comes with its fair share of challenges, whether you’re using your home as a primary residence or renting it out. Maintenance, repair, and general renovations are one headache after another. It’s True Home to the rescue. This stress-free platform was built to automate all aspects of home maintenance, allowing you to manage everything from the ease of your phone or web browser.

Start with tracking maintenance jobs and what needs to be taken care of then you’ll begin by creating an account and linking up with a True Home concierge. Simply add to your home and then pick the services that you’re interested in from a list of over 15 different options like house cleaning or pool maintenance.

In addition to regular maintenance tasks, you’ll have your pick of seasonal maintenance services, things you don’t want to have to remember, like blowing out your sprinkler or caring for your lawn. Then, of course, there are those annual maintenance jobs that are too easy to forget, like cleaning out your dryer vents.

Your subscription to True Home also comes with essential health and safety maintenance, like changing smoke detector batteries and changing out air filters. All services are recorded as scheduled right from the central hub. It makes it easy to keep, track and schedule work as needed, but they go beyond maintenance projects here.

You’ll have access to the full True Home contractor network. That means if you have a home improvement project that you’ve been looking to start, this is your path to getting that done. To find your project like kitchen renovations and then browse through the database of contractors, receive calls for home improvement projects and manage those projects individually. You’ll receive regular project updates and approved milestones before the contractor gets paid.

This is home improvement made easy, so get started with True Home today. Head on over to