Kipit – Never Lose Those Keys Again

When you’re rushing out the door, it’s pretty easy to forget something. Usually something important like your keys or your wallet, right? There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you don’t have what you need. Well, never get caught out again with Kipit!

Place, a Kipit liner in your bag and Kipit stickers on anything valuable, and let Kipit alert you when you forget something that you need. The bag liner scans the contents of your bag or suitcase and automatically sends reminders to your phone if something is missing as you are leaving tip.

It utilizes advanced USB recharging RFID technology to track numerous items in a low-touch way. The sleek, low-profile RFID stickers never lose charge like Bluetooth tags, and more importantly, it is proactive, letting you know that you’re missing something before you realize that you’ve lost it.

And instead of investing in a bag with the tech already built-in, this easy-to-use tracking system integrates with the bags you already own. Reduce your stress levels with this simple addition to your daily life let Kipit remember the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff.

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