DataMetrex – Making Sense of All That Data

In this digital age, information and data zip by at breakneck speeds, and we need solutions that help corral it in and turn it into actionable intel. Artificial intelligence can help us take control of data. Datametrex is harnessing this knowledge to empower good decision-making from aiding governments in detecting threats to developing medical apps to assist in doctor-patient relationships. Datametrex AI is a tech-focused company with a deep analytics platform that captures, structures, and visualizes vast amounts of unstructured data, including media, social media, emails, documentation, and text messages. Turning this wealth of information into a useful discovery tool allows organizations to make better decisions by pinpointing specific trends, risks, and opportunities. This insightful tech is being used in products like NexaSMART, Medi-Call, and EnzerB. Datametrex’s subsidiary Nexalogy has two products that utilize this powerful technology. NexaSecurity and NexaSMART.

NexaSecurity is a social media discovery and monitoring tool for those who need to easily and quickly extract relevant and actionable information from discussions in order to make decisions. This AI and machine-learning system collect and analyze data from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, web forms, online news sites, Google alerts, and RSS feeds. This proves helpful to a variety of industries. It provides immediate access to an interactive timeline, showing peaks of activity, frequently mentioned accounts, the most common words and hashtags used across the breadth of the internet, and even a geolocation heat map. NexaSMART, or Nexalogy’s Social Media Automated Reporting Technology, takes NexaSecurity to the next level with its own AI-powered automated reporting technology that makes actionable insight a reality.

With the NexaSMART, you can quickly generate reports with all of NexaSecurity’s visualizations. Cut insight time down from hours to mere minutes. You can find out more about the Datametrex technology and Nexalogy products by heading on over to