No matter your level of adventure, there comes a time when you simply need a flashlight. While you could buy a traditional flashlight, they’re usually either too bulky or lack versatility. Changing the flashlight game is Jordilight. This multifunctional flashlight can be held, worn, or attached to any object whenever and wherever you need it. It’s durable, waterproof, and features 256 different colors.

“It came to me in a dream. I was running away from a bunch of people, and I was holding a U-shaped flashlight. I ended up getting to a wall that I needed to climb up, and instead of throwing it away, I put it on my head, and I climbed up. And that’s how I got the idea. Generally, when an adventurer or an outdoor person, or even a DIY person needs a flashlight around the house, they’ll need one of three kinds, either a handheld flashlight, a headlamp, or a lantern. And these are what I call one-dimensional flashlights. That’s why we created Jordilight, which is the only multidimensional flashlight that you can fold into a handheld flashlight, wear on your head with the included strap, or hang it on different equipment and metallic surfaces.”

“It’s flexible and magnetic, so the user can really use it anyway they want, folding it, attaching it, hanging it. But also included in the device, it has a bunch of really useful reprogram modes, like three different brightnesses where the user can actually set each brightness to their liking, as well as an SOS mode, which is either manually activated or automatically when a fall is detected. It has a built-in E-compass, allowing the user to find their way when they’re lost, or even set a navigation heading, when they need, using the mobile app. It also gives the user the unique ability to create their own custom modes, up to 10 of them. And it’s all controllable with the mobile phone, using Bluetooth. The mission for Jordilight is to make everybody’s life easier by minimizing the amount of equipment that they have to carry when they’re out and about on an adventure.” – Robert (CEO)

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