No matter who you are or what industry you work in, you deserve affordable, high-quality respirators. While this is true of any industry with chemical-filled, hazardous air, or potential fires, the on-site respiratory hazards in today’s environment have made it vital for everyone to have access to quality respirators. No matter your needs, Parcil Safety has got you covered.

Parcil Safety manufactures attractive, low-profile respirators, including survival, tactical, industrial, home improvement, and masks for those who work with harmful materials like resin. Now, each of their top-of-the-line respirators includes a voice amplifier for easy communication as well as impact-resistant, panoramic lenses to keep you fully aware of your surroundings. Now, they round out their design with anti-fog air circulation tech for a cool and comfortable fit. Now, let’s highlight some of their more popular respirators.

First, there’s the PD-100. Now, this is ideal for use at home. The PD-100 protects the eyes, face, nose, and mouth, where there are dangerous elements in the air, ideal for home improvement projects. Then we have the PD-101. Now, this is a commercial respirator offering complete defense against environmental hazards. The soft, pliable rubber face seal is resistant to both heat and chemicals and is durable and comfortable for long-term use. Next is the ST-100X.

Now, this is your introduction to survival respirators. Leveraging a central-mounted, 40mm filter, it provides robust defense against hazardous materials, deadly chemicals, and violent assaults. Finally, the NB-100 is Parcil Safety’s newest offering.

Now, this next-level, tactical defense respirator is designed to withstand brute force. Now, like the ST-100X, it takes standard 40mm filters but can be used as a dual or single-mounted on either side of the mask. Every one of Parcil Safety’s Full Face Respirators comes bundled with a replaceable filter so no need to purchase filters in addition to your mask.

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