Elite hedge funds on Wall Street have seen some huge returns in recent years, thanks in large part to one thing, quantitative investing. That’s using computers to make investment decisions for you. Unfortunately, it usually requires tons of financial knowledge, coding, and data science experience, not to mention time and money. It’s simply inaccessible to most of us.

Well, Aikido Finance is looking to democratize Wall Street and bring quantitative investing to the masses, meaning me and you.

Aikido’s unique because of how accessible we make quantitative investing. Traditionally, this form of investing has been confined to sophisticated financial institutions, requiring a lot of coding and data science experience, a lot of financial knowledge, a lot of time, technology, and capital. Aikido finance requires no coding experience, no financial knowledge, and very little time and capital. You can build a quant portfolio with Aikido in three easy steps.

Step one login to your stock or crypto broker through Aikido.

Step two Pick a quantitative strategy

Step three Build a portfolio and the trades are sent directly off to your broker.

At Aikido we believe in data, we believe in evidence, and we believe in the scientific method. So put the power of data behind your investing. Start investing based on evidence, not emotion. Invest smart, invest Aikido.

You can get started today in your investment portfolio for free by heading over to the aikido.finance