If you work regularly on a desktop or a laptop, you might be familiar with the key missing element in your daily workflow that needs to securely organize PDF files for various projects and tasks. PDF-centric products on the market often require a subscription and even processed files on remote servers. It gets messy and can be really frustrating. Check out All About PDF, a software that keeps files local, and allows users to pay only a single lifetime license.

Think of it as a Swiss army knife of PDF processing. It’s able to process anywhere from a single file to hundreds at once, with a multitude of extra security features. Added center, it uses a DRM security layer called the PDFe format. This new technology takes a PDF or image and adds extra security settings, such as expiration dates, geolocation locks, printing limitations, and even device locks.

This puts extra control right in the hands of the PDF creator, which is important where PDF sharing and remote work are at an all-time high. All About PDF also has a handy find and replace tool that allows users to redact phrases and replace them with random words and numbers. Make your life easier and start using All About PDF. Head over to allaboutpdf.com/newswatch.