We all know this scenario. You’re ready to head outside for the day, you check the weather and you plan accordingly, right? Maybe it’s gonna rain, so you bring an umbrella, or you throw on a T-shirt because it’s gonna be clear skies and warm weather. Next thing you know, you’re betrayed by an inaccurate weather report and either drenched head to toe or completely freezing. Now, in many cases, this happens not from inaccurate reporting, but because the weather station making the prediction is miles away from your location.

And that’s why you need your own weather station like Ambient Weather. Now, this easy-to-use plug-and-play weather station allows you to put weather predictions in your hands, giving you all the personal weather data that you need to make the best decisions. Your very our own Ambient Weather station integrates into your existing smart home products, for a fully connected home. It also links directly to your ambientweather.net account, providing a personalized dashboard, filled with all the weather data that you could possibly want to know, right at your fingertips.

You’ll have easy access to a plethora of other features as well. Ambientweather.net offers a map of weather station readings, allowing you to check across multiple locations in your community. You can drill down to see more specific map layers like radar, temperature, and wind. In addition to viewing hyper-local forecasts, you also have the ability to share across multiple social media platforms. You can even follow other nearby weather stations for more focused predictions, based on where you plan on heading that day.

Go get your weather station at ambientweather.com, and then join this amazing community at ambientweather.net today. Whether you already have your station or are shopping for one, you don’t want to miss out on all these real-time updates.