Protecting against fraud in this advanced technological age is important. Shady characters looking to steal data and identities have become more sophisticated in recent years, and so we need even more secure technology to keep them out. Well, KLEAR Technologies has made it their mission to design and implement secure technology everywhere that prevents and even eliminates fraud.

SecurPair is their patented solution for protecting your banking information at cash withdrawal machines. Now it creates a secure pairing between a mobile device and ATM machines for easy cardless cash withdrawal at any of the 500,000 nationwide retail and banking ATMs. SecurPair never holds any sensitive customer information, so as not to put your data at risk.

And because there are no hardware upgrades required on the part of the ATM operator, and because it’s seamlessly integrated into existing banking applications and environments, SecurPair can be everywhere in no time. Consumers can have instant access to cash without needing to use their cards. All they have to do is use their current banking mobile app with integrated SecurPair. They can even pre-stage and preauthorize transactions.

You can find out more about this secure, fraud-resistant, and touchless payment technology by heading on over to today.