Visiting wine country is a treat, but when you leave with a cache of bottles, you’re now faced with a very real problem. How are you going to get those wine bottles home? Especially if you’re flying. Fly With Wine is the exclusive marketer and supplier of the VinGardeValise, the only wine travel suitcase that safely and securely transports wine.

Now this unique suitcase was designed to keep your bottles of wine safe while flying, thanks to its specially designed foam inserts, perfectly suited for your prized wine bottles. Now it also includes additional custom inserts for magnum bottles, beer, and any variety of spirits. Other features include a TSA compliant lock to avoid hassles at the airport, and asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels for smooth maneuvering.

Now you may not want to advertise what’s inside, which is why the VinGardeValise blends in with other trendy suitcases. In fact, you’re not even limited to only transporting bottles. You can use the VinGardeValise as you would any other suitcase, packing clothes and personal effects. Now you can purchase this wine-centric suitcase in three sizes, capable of fitting five, eight, or 12 bottles, and pick from three colors, black, burgundy, or silver.

Protect your wine the next time that you’re traveling, and pick up your VinGardeValise wine suitcase today at