Do you love golf so much that you dream about practicing any chance you get, even when you’re at home with no golf course or driving range in sight? Well, with a Backyard Birdie Golf Pro Pack, you can. The idea is simple, transform your pool into a golf course with a floating green. Here’s how the Pro Pack breaks down, the green itself is an American-made high-quality putting turf.

There’re six holes in all, allowing for multiple game options or regular practice. The detachable backboard fastens to the backside of the green with press-on clips to help keep shots in play, there are even multiple backboard designs available. Now, to keep your green from floating away, there’re two extendable anchors that clip to the underside of the green, and no need to worry about balls sinking or damaging your yard, because the Backyard Birdie Golf Pro Pack comes with special high-density foam balls that spin just like real balls, but they float.

To round things out, it also comes with your very own chipping mat with extra-long grass that allows you to get under the ball. Turn your pool into the 19th hole today with a Backyard Birdie Golf Pro Pack. Visit