Beauty Chef – Your Inner Beauty Is Our Priority

When thinking of beauty products we tend to think of products applied to the skin or on the outside of the body. But what’s often overlooked is what we put in our body and how it affects our external beauty. The Beauty Chef pioneered the inner beauty industry with the launch of their first product, Glow Inner Beauty Essential, helping shift the conversation to the importance of gut health for beauty, immunity and overall wellbeing. Now you see, our gut is where 70% of our immune system lies and where we make nutrients and antioxidants that help to synthesize and protect collagen.

Studies show that a lot of our skin problems come from our gut, and while Glow Inner Beauty Essential Powder certainly helps you attain more luminous skin, you should think of it as a daily health and beauty multivitamin, an instant bestseller with thousands of reviews, Glow tastes fantastic with 18 certified organic whole foods, like maqui berries and pomegranate fruit peel extract, as well as a ton of vitamins, fermented whole foods and rich in probiotics. This amazing powder nourishes your gut, supports immune health, helps sustain energy levels, and even helps promote healthy hair and nails. To get started on your beauty journey today with the Glow Inner Beauty Essential Powder at