BULO – Track, Understand, and Improve Lung Health With Ease

The lungs are obviously vital organs but they’re also vulnerable to all manners of diseases and maladies. Staying ahead of any issues can help ensure that you stay healthy for a long time. And having the means to monitor the health of your lungs is pretty invaluable. Well, that’s when you get with BULO.

While taking care of my mom who suffered from lung cancer, I acknowledged that no device enables constant lung measurements and monitoring. That’s why I came up with the idea for BULO, which is a smart breathing training system. It is made for respiratory patients who are suffering from lung diseases such as COPD, and asthma, and those who require respiratory rehabilitation. A few weeks ago, we had feedback from a COPD patient who was 70 years old. He said he couldn’t even breathe well while reading but after exercising with the BULO, he could breathe well and the quality of his life improved. We can help respiratory patients to improve their daily lives. The intensity of breathing exercises is adjusted to effectively improve your lung conditions.

This breathing training device pairs with a smartphone app to help you monitor and exercise your lungs. BULO’s customized breathing exercises guide you through a regimen of simple practices based on your current lung health status. You can purchase this breathing training assistant today by searching for BULO on Amazon.com.