CivicPlus – Technology Solutions for Modernizing Governments

Governments from the local to the federal level are often seen as inefficient bureaucratic entities by their constituents. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of strain on what could be a beneficial relationship between the citizen and the government. Well, the solution? Work to make governments more efficient so they can better serve their residents. CivicPlus has set out to do just that, developing technology solutions that enable local governments to optimize the experience they deliver when interacting with their residents. Their cutting-edge agenda and meeting management platform are one of those solutions. And it’s got unparalleled integration with other vital tools.

Our municipal clerks are the primary record keeper for their municipalities. In this vital role, they are responsible for a thousand details. By integrating our nearly 4,000 codes of ordinances with our industry-leading agenda and meetings management software, we streamline this process, enabling the municipal clerk to accomplish all of those steps and more from the single platform with one trusted partner, CivicPlus. I believe what makes us truly unique in the dev tech industry is that we listen intently to the needs of our customers and that we’ve been doing so for over 70 years. Our greatest successes and best ideas have always come by listening to our customers and working to solve their challenges. We recently did a survey of the market asking municipalities across the country, if integration between our meeting and agenda management solution and our code of ordinances would provide meaningful value to them, 98% of respondents said yes.

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