Indo Scooters – Safely Practice Scooter Tricks Come Rain or Shine

Pulling off scooter and skateboard tricks takes a lot of practice, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes the weather outside simply isn’t conducive to safely practice. Well, we found a way to safely practice scooter and skateboard tricks, both indoors and outdoors. INDO has created a line of products designed for kids who want to learn everything from beginner to advanced tricks and maybe some that haven’t even been invented yet. Now, if they’re looking to safely practice those moves that the professionals are pulling off, then they’re gonna want to check out the INDO Pro.

Designed for advanced scooter users, its lightweight build allows for easy maneuvering, helping to build confidence. You see, the traditional scooter is made of metal with hard edges, making them heavy and a literal pain. If you’ve ever caught one swinging into your ankle, you know what I’m talking about. Ouch, right? Now, the INDO Pro doesn’t have wheels, allowing kids to practice tricks in a single spot. And when used on a trampoline, it helps them learn how to perform tricks that require some real height. They’ll build confidence and learn some amazing tricks in the safest way possible. To purchase the INDO Pro today, head on over to