Mindplay – Teaching is Easy With Customized Learning

If you’re looking for an online learning platform that addresses the precise needs of students then look no further than MindPlay. For over 40 years MindPlay has been creating and delivering learning content that has seen incredible success. Now their main focus has been to help students read, with over 7 million students and counting they’ve solidified themselves as a leader in education. And now they’re expanding their expertise into math. MindPlays’ online learning programs, utilize adaptive technology to help students advance. To do this, they assess each student’s learning skills before they start and then meet them where they are.

In that way, they can individualize their lessons based on that initial assessment and address any gaps in the student’s learning. In other words, it’s customized learning. Now, this effective method of treating the student as an individual with unique individual needs has proven to be successful a race span of decades. In fact, real meaningful success can be achieved with only 20 hours of MindPlay use, allowing students to fill in the gaps and learn at their level with this one-of-a-kind online learning platform. With a seven-day free trial for reading and math, you can test it out yourself. Get started today by heading on over to mindplay.com.