Escape Motions – Perfectly Capture the Experience of Painting

In our current digital age, creatives are constantly finding ways to blend innovative technology with traditional artistry. But capturing the authenticity of real artistry is difficult, to say the least. Well, that’s exactly what EscapeMotions has done with their newest software, Rebelle 5. Rebelle is a hyper-realistic painting software that perfectly captures the experience of painting on a canvas. It’s the first software in the world offering real-world, color-mixing based on traditional pigments in a full RGB color gamut.

Now the software comes with state-of-the-art watercolor simulation, creating drips, blowing the paint, and applying granulation effects. Rebelle completely mimics the experience of working as an artist whether you’re painting or drawing with watercolors, oils, acrylic, ink, pencils, markers, airbrush, or whatever medium wet or dry helps you best express yourself artistically. Replete with brush strokes, color mixing, oil thickness, watercolor diffusion, NanoPixel technology, and so on, you can choose what you’re painting on ultra-realistic paper, canvas, or lithography stones.

Hyper-realistic digital oils and acrylics offer a variety in appearance and not only allow artists to master the most universally used painting techniques, but also to create beautiful impasto textures. Art is often about the beautiful minutiae, which is why their NanoPixel technology lends itself to the macro-zoom feature, allowing you to drill into your work on a granular level so you can see endless details. It even lets you export 16 times larger artwork in sharp detail.

Rebelle is designed for both professional artists and enthusiasts, and the best part is that Rebelle 5 offers a free volume license for classrooms and individual discounts for students and teachers. No matter your level of proficiency, Rebelle will certainly change the mind of every digital art non-believer. To download Rebelle 5 and discover other great art-centric software, head over to today.