RinneTraps – A Simple, Safe, And Humane Way To Get Rid Of Pests

Everybody knows the traditional image of a mouse trap, a rectangular piece of wood with a spring-loaded piece of metal waiting to snap. They only catch one mouse at a time, and clean-up is quite gross. Well, that’s precisely what these three brothers have tackled, and it all started in their family garage, no less. Now, their unique Flip N Slide mouse trap has been called the world’s best mouse trap, and for good reason.

The simple, but effective design turns any five-gallon bucket into a trap that can capture scores of mice, tackling even the worst infestation. The weighted trap door lid covers the bucket. As they walk the plank, they have no idea what’s in store for them. That’s when the floor gives out, sending them into the bucket. The plank resets, ready to go again and again and again. And once the bucket fills up, simply empty it and reset.

If you want to catch mice in the most effective and sanitary way possible, get yourself a Flip N Slide mouse trap by heading on over to rinnetraps.com today.