Mighty Mailbox – Bring Your Mailbox To The 21st Century

The rural mailbox’s standard design hasn’t changed in the last 120 years. Considering every other part of the mail system has gone through major transitions, you’d think they would’ve updated it. With the proliferation of online shopping, our mail has taken all shapes and sizes. The typical mailbox design can’t receive them all. Introducing the RMB2000. This patent-designed revolutionary new mailbox allows you to receive all manner of mail, including boxes, packages, tubes, and even odd-shaped parcels.

The two spacious compartments allow delivery agents to place them with ease. The top compartment is perfect for any size or shaped envelope, bubble, or hard shipping pack. The lower compartment is for larger parcels, packages, and boxes and with a rear-mounted design for secure attachment to the post, the RMB2000 is more durable than other mailboxes out there.

The flag system is also important for communicating with your delivery agent and with the RMB2000, their flagging system is not only durable but provides a simple way to deliver concise communication. Carriers raise the red flag when they’ve dropped off mail and the homeowner raises the yellow flag when mail is ready to be picked up. Find out more about the revolutionary RMB2000 by visiting MightyMailboxes-com.3dcartstores.com.