Geneverse – The Future of Generators Starts Here

Today we are talking about what a generator is and how and when to use it. For today’s demonstration, I’ll be using the Geneverse Solar Generator, specifically the Home Power Pro Series. I picked this tool up off starting at $1,499. So first up, let’s talk about what a generator is and why you need it. Most people have electricity at home.

Generally, most of us rely on the power grid from our electric provider. But for a variety of reasons, we sometimes experience power outages that leave us stranded without our vital appliances. That’s where a generator comes in handy. But if you’ve ever shopped for a generator you’ll know they’re typically very bulky and expensive. And that’s why a generator like this Geneverse Solar Generator is the best. The compact solar generator helps to create a decentralized, independent and reliable power source at one-tenth the cost of their competitors. Its battery stations are compatible with virtually every appliance or electronic product in your home. I can power up my fridge, run my grill, and juice up my power tools. Even large home appliances can receive 7 days of power from one of these generators on a single charge.

And unlike your standard generator, the Geneverse product line is so compact it’s easy to move from room to room in your home or take outdoors. So how do you use it, well it recharges ultra-fast by using a wall outlet for a 1-2 hours charge or by solar in 3-4 hours. Once it’s fully charged, plug any appliance into it and you’re powered up. Simple. No installation and no technical know-how are needed. And that’s all you need to know about a solar generator and why Geneverse is right for you. For more information about the Geneverse Solar Generator HomePower PRO Series, head on over to and get $100 off with code NEWSWATCH100.