Tinplay – The Perfect Cocktail Has Never Been So Easy

Making the perfect cocktail is equal parts art and science, but one thing’s for sure, you need the right tools. Bartenders, both of the professional and home variety, have been using the same tools to craft cocktails for what seems like forever, so maybe it’s time to shake things up. Introducing TinPlay’s Perfect Cocktail Kit. This patented all-in-one kit replaces 7 bar tools, bringing them into a manageable 3 pieces. 
First, you have the four-in-one muddle tool. This innovative tool takes four different essential items and brings them together into one. It includes a jigger, a muddle, a bottle opener, and a can opener.
You’ll find ounces and milliliters clearly marked on the jigger for quick and easy measuring. Next up is the two-piece shaker. The center pin is super helpful as a reference point to make sure you never overpour. The final tool to round out this awesome cocktail kit is the cheater tin combo that’s perfect for scooping ice or straining liquids. This kit is easy to use, visually distinctive and a must-have for any bartender just starting out or with years in the game. To purchase your TinPlay Perfect Cocktail Kit today head on over to TinPlay.com