For many, mapping out and sticking to a fitness plan is no easy task. We might decide to finally start working out and get fit, only to abandon it a week or two later. A tried and true way to stick to a plan is to find a partner who shares your goals and can hold you accountable. The Swolemance app helps users find other like-minded people based on shared fitness goals.

This could be a romantic partner or simply a new friend. There are over 60 physical activities that you can choose as the basis for your search from archery all the way to Zumba. Once you connect with another Swolemance user, you’ll have the chance to chat for a while through the messaging feature and even jump on a video chat, making sure that you feel safe before you meet up in person.

In addition to finding a partner you can get fit with, Swolemance has other features designed to help provide guidance in overcoming the mental and physical roadblocks that people face when they try to achieve their ideal weight. You’ll find videos with dieticians, therapists, and personal trainers aiding you in your journey to achieve your goals. Swolemance goes even further, providing help and information for those suffering from chronic illness.

Not all bodies are built the same, but most want to live a healthier lifestyle. Chronic illness can be a real deterrent if we don’t know the best way to integrate health and fitness into our daily routine. Swolemance helps guide anyone towards physical self-betterment. Get swole while finding friendship or romance by visiting or downloading the app in the Google Play or App Store today.