We’ve told you about BibiChord before, the consumer tech company behind the awesome BibiCharger. Well, they have another awesome product that builds off the BibiCharger that you just have to check out. The BibiPowerbank is a portable battery pack meant to solve the problem of low charge and messy cords. This unique power bank features a three foot retractable cord that tucks back into the charger whenever it’s not in use. That means no messy wires when it’s in your bag or pocket.

It also means extending the life of the cord because it’s not constantly being bent or twisted, sending it to an early grave. What’s more, the durable housing keeps it protected when not in use. The BibiPowerbank will quickly charge your phone when you are on the go, just press the button on the back of the charger to start transferring power from the battery to the phone. It also has retractable prongs for easy storage.

Now the 2,500 mil amp battery will give you a three-hour charge on your device. No need to worry about being caught out with a low battery and no outlet nearby. Purchase the sleek, sophisticated, all-in-one BibiPowerbank by heading on over to bibicord.com today.