While heading to Vegas or some other casino town to play poker is a lot of fun, it’s not always the most convenient option when you just wanna play a hand or 20. Well, what about playing whenever or wherever you want? I’m talking about playing poker in a completely interactive environment that captures the pacing and excitement of live gameplay. And that’s exactly what you get with Velo Poker.

Velo Poker is a Texas Hold ’em and Casino mobile poker game that’s completely free to play. What sets it apart from other poker game apps on the market is its lightning-fast game engine. In fact, they claim to have the fastest engine out of all the top mobile poker-themed games. And you can tell right off bat too, the gameplay is so smooth with no hiccups. You can just zone out and concentrate on getting the best hand, and of course, winning the most chips.

Now in addition to classic Texas Hold ’em gameplay, there’s an active social environment that mirrors in-person poker games. You can chat and message with other players, add friends, and again, what you’re here for: stack your winnings. There are multiple leaderboards to rack up bragging rights as well. You can try top leaderboards like Global Top Chips, Top in Your Country, Player with the Most Jackpot Awards, and more. While poker is the main draw, you see what I did there? You’re going to want to stick around for some fun slots as well.

You can earn free bonus chips by playing slot machines, watching videos, and lucky bonus wheel. There’s always something new every day to help you earn free bonuses. Now you can download the Velo Poker app in the Google Play or App Store for free today.