Alpaca throws are some of the softest blankets that you can find out there. Not only do they feel heavenly being wrapped in one, but they are also one of the most sustainable and hypoallergenic blankets on the market. That’s why Qisu primarily sells beautiful alpaca blankets and throws that are loved when received. Qisu was actually founded when its owners visited South America and purchased blankets from a local market as gifts for Christmas.

They proved so popular and appreciated that they made a business out of it. Qisu focuses entirely on artisanal goods that bring out the beauty and culture of the local Indigenous people. In fact, qisu is an ancient Incan Quechua word that literally means “one who appreciates beautiful things.” Alpacas are small hoofed animals living in the Andes Mountains, one of the softest materials that you’ll ever feel and low on lanolin, making it hypoallergenic. Now, Qisu’s production occurs solely in South America by primarily local women, and that includes all of the packaging and labeling.

Qisu wants to give back to the communities that create these artisanal products. Qisu refers to their blankets as “the perfect cuddle blanket” because they’re exactly that, perfect for cuddling. Whether you’re cozying up on movie night, taking a nap, or trying to keep out the cold, Qisu’s blankets are perfect anytime. Handcrafted as thin, breathable, soft, durable, and easy to clean, they have somehow mastered the perfect middle ground for a blanket. You don’t get too hot or too cold. They’re just a perfect way to elevate your comfort level.

Now, Qisu blankets can be machine washed on delicate cycle, making them easy to clean, and you can choose from many different styles and colors and even other handcrafted artisanal goods. At Qisu, beauty is appreciated. Head on over to today to peruse and purchase from their unique collect.