Night lights are not only helpful when it’s too dark to get around the house, but they’re also a vital part of keeping you safe. Too many accidents occur when you can’t see where you’re going. With an average of 215 minutes of power outages affecting each home in the US a year and it taking up to five minutes for your eyes to adjust, this poses a serious risk, especially for the elderly. Enter brightOWL. This innovative nightlight emergency light is essentially an outlet cover plate with an LED light bar on the bottom.

Simply replace your normal current cover plate with brightOWL. It’s a quick and easy install, and it’ll light the way whenever you need running off normal electricity running through your outlets. What about those times when you lose power? No problem. briteOWL has a backup built-in rechargeable battery built inside it so if the electricity goes out, it’ll still provide all the light that you need to navigate safely. This nifty maintenance-free lighting solution will last up to more than 90 minutes on a single battery charge. It’s the only lighted outlet cover plate on the market with this capability. You can purchase your briteOWL on Amazon or learn more at cover plate light by heading on over to today.