For over a decade, ITServe Alliance has represented the collective interests of small and medium-scale IT staffing and services companies, and communicated with policymakers on the issues that are important to its members. To date, they have over 1,800 members and 19 chapters across the US. We were on hand at the ITServe 2022 Synergy Conference in Orlando, Florida where guest speakers included President Bill Clinton, former US Ambassador and Governor Ms. Nikki Haley, and numerous other leaders and CEOs. Also, India’s most famous spiritual guru, Sri Sadhguru, is here.

“Each one of us will have a specialty, so we want to share that knowledge across members and then thrive together.”

ITServe is a non-profit organization run by members, and every member is a proud IT entrepreneur who actually creates more than $10 billion in combined revenue and more than 100,000 combined employees in the US economy. And they are all on a mission to create jobs, job retention, empower local employment, and keep jobs in America.

“It was very successful. We had many attendees, 2,000 plus CEO and CXO, and great three keynote speakers. Those keynotes were very well attended, with more than 2,000 almost in everyone, and then it was a jam-packed session for two days. So a lot of things to learn, gain their knowledge and grow.”

The Synergy Conference provided a space for a diverse membership to network with a large array of professionals and leading organizations. To find out more about ITServe and all they are doing, head over to