CES 2023 new electric vehicles announced

CES 2023 is in full swing in Las Vegas. This is the first year since the pandemic hit where things feel like they’re getting back to normal. Huge crowds and a ton of exhibitors, especially the heavy hitters, make it feel like CES again.

CES 2023 New Tech unveiled
Source: CES

While there’s no shortage of unveilings this year, including foldable screens and highly capable robots, some of the biggest reveals are the EVs. Sony and BMW have brought their electric-powered cars to the halls of Sin City and they’re looking pretty sweet.


Sony isn’t content operating in the wheel-less electronic space which is why they’ve teamed up with Honda to bring us the Afeela. It’s not the first EV Sony has unveiled at CES, but this one looks like it’s actually going to see more than just the exhibit halls. They intend to bring the Afeela to market in 2026.

While the design is definitely sexy (though it will most likely change or be tweaked over the next three years), they’ve made the odd choice of putting a display screen on the front bumper of the EV. This screen will show info like the weather and how charged the car is. Why we would need that for any reason, I do not know. It seems like a desperate effort to do something different. I really hope it’s an optional add-on because outside of Uber or Lyft drivers I don’t see anyone else needing or wanting to display info on the outside.

Inside they’ve made some better choices, like offering a plethora of Sony-related movies and games. The Afeela will also feature a boat-load of cameras and sensors that put the Tesla to shame. It’ll have 45 in all throughout the interior and exterior of the EV.


If you like your EV in multiple ever-changing colors, then BMW has the car for you. The i Vision Dee as they’re calling it, employs E Ink to allow you to digitally change the color of the entire body of the car. You can choose from up to 32 colors and even mix and match them for a crazy rainbow effect.

BMW new EV unveiled at CES 2023
Source: BMW

Like Sony, this isn’t the first EV BMW has brought to CES. Last year we saw a similar E Ink concept with the iX Flow car that could change between black and white. Obviously a 32-color scheme is a big step-up.

The new BMW i Vision Dee EV will hopefully hit the road in 2025.

CES 2023 will continue through the weekend where we’ll see a ton more exciting tech goodies.

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