Author: Andrew Tropeano

NAB 2023 has marked its 100-year anniversary, concluding its annual showcase of media and entertainment technology in the Nevada desert. The event, which took place in mid-April, encompassed a diverse mix of industry discussions, networking opportunities, and conference sessions. Let’s delve into the key highlights and trends that emerged, shaping the trajectory for the rest of the year.

Virtual Production (VP) Steals the Show

Virtual Production (VP) garnered significant attention, particularly through captivating LED walls and demos. LG led the way, featuring VP and Extended Reality (XR) demo booth stages, along with large DVLED displays. These stages showcased LG’s collaborations with partners such as Mo-Sys, ARRI, Megapixel VR, QSC, and Vive Studios, emphasizing solutions for virtual production.

8K Realities in Virtual and Augmented Realities

In the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) and Extended Reality (XR), the spotlight was on the capability to stream live 8K cinematic images. Red Digital Cinema unveiled the possibility of streaming 8K cinematic images directly from its V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL cameras using the Red Connect Module. The concept was demonstrated by live streaming 8K60P to VR Microsoft and Meta headsets, presenting a tangible advancement in experiential opportunities.

AI Takes Center Stage

Unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a focal point at NAB 2023, echoing Adrian Pennington’s predictions in the IBC365 NAB Preview. Despite the maturation of AI technology, overt marketing in this space was notably absent. However, discussions behind the scenes and in dedicated conference tracks emphasized its enduring significance. Adobe stood out by unveiling plans for its generative AI, Adobe Firefly, building on recent Premiere Pro features. Firefly promises text-to-color enhancements, enabling editors to transform scenes effortlessly based on word prompts. Imax showcased AI-driven tech from SSIMWAVE, emphasizing bandwidth and image quality optimization tools tailored for the Imax Enhanced streaming format.

Surge in Visitor Numbers

NAB reported a significant increase in attendance for its centennial 2023 show, with 65,013 registered attendees – a notable 20% rise from the post-pandemic 2022 show. This figure included 17,446 international attendees from over 166 countries. The uptick in visitor numbers signifies a positive shift for the broadcast industry and in-person shows, indicating a recovery from the attendance challenges posed by the pandemic.