Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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AppWatch is a weekly segment that provides viewers app reviews and game reviews of the latest and hottest apps and games out on the market for iOS and Android devices. Our AppWatch segment airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. The app reviews are conducted by Joe Toohey and Andrew Tropeano.

Grand Harvest Solitairevideo

Solitaire – Grand Harvest – Solitaire with a Twist | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Solitaire is one of the most popular single player games in the history of, well, games. It could practically be considered a national pastime. With its popularity and the introduction of...

Batelz – Showcase Your Talents and Challenge Friends Along the Way | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you have a talent that you’re looking to showcase, you need a platform that allows you to express yourself and engage with others. Well, we’ve got just the thing for...

Remind Your Friends to Vote with the Vote.org App by Outvote

AppWatch The midterms are less than a week away and whether you lean left or right, you need to get out and make your vote count. While you’re at it, make sure your...

HealthSoup App – Improve Your Overall Health | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch We see it all the time – an influencer posts about a diet and the next week everyone is trying it. The problem is that everyone’s body composition and lifestyle is...

Encrypt Your DNS Queries with SecureDNS | Newwatch Review

AppWatch Domain Name Systems or DNS are often referred to as the phone book of the internet. You may not be aware of this service but every time you type in a website,...

Block Slide Puzzle – Improve and Train Your Brain | NewsWatch Review

By: Nick Gambino Mobile games are a great way to pass the time and have a little fun, but sometimes a well-thought-out mobile game can do so much more. Peruse the App...

LiveMe – Share Your Talent with Fans All Around the World | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you want to be a new you this year, check out LiveMe.  LiveMe is the #1 live streaming app available on the App Store and Google Play. Broadcasters can earn real...

Quadropoly – Personalized Classic Board Game with a Twist

AppWatch There’s no game more stressful, yet more rewarding than a property trading game where the rapid exchange of money will have you feeling up one moment and down the next. Quadropoly is...

Simplify the Way You Invest in Precious Metals with OneGold

AppWatch Currencies may come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is precious metals like gold and silver. However, buying precious metals can be complicated. Researching who to trust, and searching...
Stress Is Gonevideo

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD with the Stress Is Gone App

AppWatch Managing stress is a vital component in leading a healthy and happy life. But sometimes this can be difficult, especially when the stress is overwhelming. Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety, or...
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