Sunday, April 11, 2021
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AppWatch is a weekly segment that provides viewers app reviews and game reviews of the latest and hottest apps and games out on the market for iOS and Android devices. Our AppWatch segment airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. The app reviews are conducted by Joe Toohey and Andrew Tropeano.


Understand a New Language Instantly with Scan & Translate + Text Grabber

AppWatch The app has the capability of translating 90 different languages quickly and accurately, covering a large swath of countries around the globe. It was specifically designed for businesses who need to translate...

Easy and Fun-to-Use Keyboard App, Typewise

AppWatch We type on our phones all day every day, but we still leave an immense number of typos in our wake. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and sometimes it’s even embarrassing. This is...

Focus On Your Meditation and Movement with The Healing Movement App

AppWatch Meditation offers numerous benefits, not the least of which is managing stress and reducing negative emotions and mood swings. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time or the focus to meditate. If you...

Set Achievable Goals and Stay Accountable with Mana

AppWatch It never feels like there’s enough time. It's even worse during the pandemic, everything feels like a blur, and I can't tell when work ends and life begins. The Mana app helps you...
stock market appvideo

Start Streamlining Your Stock Market Experience with Stock Master

AppWatch Investing in stocks has never been easier with the opportunities afforded by digital and mobile technologies. By wielding the power of your smartphone, you can gain actionable insight into the stock market...

Set Yourself Free with RockMyRun

AppWatch Finding the right routine is only half the battle in working out. You also need to find the right music that motivates you to power through your entire workout. RockMyRun is the...
Happiness Mountainvideo

Become a Happiness Millionaire with the Happiness Mountain App

AppWatch Imagine a fulfilling, stress-free life full of happiness with no worry, where negative thoughts that enter your mind are immediately expunged, allowing you to live a peaceful and happy life. Well,...

Simplify the Way You Invest in Precious Metals with OneGold

AppWatch Currencies may come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is precious metals like gold and silver. However, buying precious metals can be complicated. Researching who to trust, and searching...

TradePros Conveniently and Efficiently Links Homeowners with Contractors

AppWatch With so much time spent in our homes these past few months, we’ve got a long list of home improvement projects we’re itching to get started. Now it’s just a matter...

Make a Pledge to Uphold Your Goals and Encourage Others with LYC Pledge

AppWatch With a world defined by social media, sometimes it seems like people are more likely to post about something than take the actions necessary to make the world a better place. LYC...
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