Friday, January 22, 2021
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AppWatch is a weekly segment that provides viewers app reviews and game reviews of the latest and hottest apps and games out on the market for iOS and Android devices. Our AppWatch segment airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. The app reviews are conducted by Joe Toohey and Andrew Tropeano.


Best App for Parental Control – Bit Guardian

AppWatch Raising kids is a balancing act where parents find themselves trying to keep their children safe from the dangers of the world while also allowing them to grow up. Add in...

The Best Range Finder App – BEEZER GOLF

AppWatch Golf is one of the most relaxing games ever invented. There’s a reason so many take up golf as a way to calm their mind and find their center. That being...

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with This #1 Restorative Music App, Paz

AppWatch Mental stress contributes not only to diminished happiness but can also be traced to much of what ails us as a human species. That’s why it’s important to engage in activities...

Avibra App – Rewarding Good Lifestyle Habits with Quality Insurance Coverage

AppWatch Taking time every day to focus on yourself and improve and enhance your well-being is important. It doesn’t take a lot, but it must be done. That doesn’t mean it’s easy....
Mevron appvideo

Easy Way to Make Money as a Driver – Mevron

AppWatch If you were to travel back in time only 10 years ago and you needed car transportation to get somewhere, you either needed to coordinate with a friend to give you...

Save Lives with the !important App

AppWatch The safest cars on the road are those that not only look out for the passengers inside the car but the pedestrians outside of the car. Despite major technological advances in...
Club Vegas appvideo

Online Slots and More with the Club Vegas App

AppWatch Las Vegas is unlike any place else in the world. As soon as you touch down, even before leaving the airport, you can feel the crackle of electricity in the air....
Princess Unicornvideo

Find Yourself in an Endless Runner with Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape

AppWatch There’s no better time than right now to get into mobile gaming. We’ve got a lot of downtime on our hands to play games from the comfort of our couch. All...
Hyfe Appvideo

Cough Tracker App – Hyfe

AppWatch Coughing is a natural bodily response to an endless variety of stimuli. From allergies and air pollutants to a chest cold and pneumonia, there are so many different conditions that might...
Garam Appvideo

The Best Math Puzzle App – Garam

AppWatch There are games that are typically referred to as “time wasters.” It’s not so much a derogatory term as it is a hint at what you can expect when playing. You’re...
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