Sunday, September 27, 2020
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AppWatch is a weekly segment that provides viewers app reviews and game reviews of the latest and hottest apps and games out on the market for iOS and Android devices. Our AppWatch segment airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. The app reviews are conducted by Joe Toohey and Andrew Tropeano.

fundraising sitesvideo

Fundraising Sites Replaced with BAMit App

AppWatch A good business idea is one that benefits both the customer and the business, but the best idea is one that benefits the customer, the business and the community. If every...

Achieve Your Fitness and Health Goals with The Fit Bodies 4 Life App

AppWatch The mission of Fit Bodies 4 Life is to help you become the best version of yourself by creating a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle, no matter your age, size or...
parking appvideo

Find the Solution to Public Parking with the Japa App

AppWatch I hate finding parking. I hate it with a passion. Now, this doesn’t mean I hate parking, but I certainly hate driving around in circles in a densely populated area, searching...
fireplace purchasevideo

Fireplace Innovation with Stoll Industries

Consumer Update/AppWatch There’s a big difference between products that roll off mass assembly lines and those made by hand by craftsmen with years of experience. You can clearly see the craftsmanship and...
Lend Me It Appvideo

Make Money Online – Rent Your Stuff with Lend Me It App

AppWatch If you have a computer with an internet connection (and who doesn’t) then it’s highly likely that you’ve searched for ways to make money online. The days of exclusively traveling to...

The Best Identity Protection Solution – ID Strong

AppWatch With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of digital information, not to mention the inclusion of digital payment in nearly every financial transaction, identity theft is at an all-time...

Help Those in Need with the Klava Fund App

AppWatch There are a lot of people out there that are looking for quick ways to make money either to help support their dream or, in some cases as with the homeless,...

Watch Engaging Short Videos with the Rheo App

AppWatch While binging quality long-form shows like Ozark and Mindhunter or docuseries phenomena like Tiger King or The Last Dance is immensely satisfying, it’s a huge undertaking that carves out large swaths...

Quadropoly – Personalized Classic Board Game with a Twist

AppWatch There’s no game more stressful, yet more rewarding than a property trading game where the rapid exchange of money will have you feeling up one moment and down the next. Quadropoly is...

Glassface – Location-Based App to Connect With Others

AppWatch These are uncertain times we’re living in. The novel coronavirus threatens to separate us and drive humanity apart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s technology that has swooped in to save the day. From the...
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