Sunday, June 4, 2023

Ginko – One-Tap Contact Exchange App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Simple things like exchanging contact info should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 in this on-demand world. But, somehow, we’re still relying on such archaic concepts as carrying around business...

Stack Ball is Your New Favorite Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch A good game developer creates engaging games that make it hard to put your phone down, a great game developer is one that accomplishes this over and over. Azur Games is an...

LockSub App – Always Receive a Qualified, Insured and Professional Locksmith | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Currently, in the UK and parts of the USA, the locksmith industry remains largely unregulated. LockSub was built to ensure the end customer always receives a qualified, insured and professional locksmith...

TradePros Conveniently and Efficiently Links Homeowners with Contractors

AppWatch With so much time spent in our homes these past few months, we’ve got a long list of home improvement projects we’re itching to get started. Now it’s just a matter...

pixelynx – Changing The Digital Landscape Forever

Our relationship with music has changed in recent years. Whereas only a few years ago we were buying physical copies of albums, digital streaming came along and completely changed the landscape....
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