Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Budget Sensevideo

Budget Sense – Manage Your Money | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review A recent study shows that 2/3rds of Americans do not budget their expenses. In the same study it was found that those with higher incomes tend to stick to a...
Lottery Placesvideo

Lottery Places – Find a Lottery Retailer Anywhere | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Winning a lottery jackpot is a dream that people love to chase. Every year millions of people buy lottery tickets, whether it is every day or just once in a...

Sygic – Navigation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Now that we live in an era run by technology, most people can’t live without a GPS app. Although there are many variations of GPS applications, Sygic is incredibly efficient. Sygic...

Learn & Play – Languages Made Fun | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Are you looking to learn a new language? You could go for the flash card approach or listen to audio that teaches through repetition but that can get pretty tiring quickly. ...

Etup – Pay With Your Selfie | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It is widely known and acknowledged that a key aspect of a successful business is providing an authentic and convenient experience, especially when it comes to the food industry. One...

Clustr – Find The Fun Anywhere | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review In a world dominated by social-media and online reputations, it’s getting harder to stay anonymous. If you don’t want to be off the grid completely, but want some shred of...

Bellucci – Authentic Italian Olive Oil and App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Something you probably don’t think about too often is the olive oil business. Many people don’t realize that there are numerous cases of fraud being reported in the industry. This...

Farming Simulator – Mobile Farming Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review As video games get more popular we are finding that there is a game for everyone! If you are tired of shooting game apps or don’t want your children playing...

Ignite – Plan the Party Together | NewsWatch Review

App Review Have you ever tried to plan an activity with a group of friends and through the process end up feeling like you’re getting nowhere on making a collective decision? I’m...

Alarm Caller – Never Oversleep Again | NewsWatch Review

App Review If you are an over sleeper - or the type of person that no matter how long the alarm’s been going off you stay asleep – or even if you...
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