Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Etup – Pay With Your Selfie | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It is widely known and acknowledged that a key aspect of a successful business is providing an authentic and convenient experience, especially when it comes to the food industry. One...

Pixelmator – Gorgeous Photo Enhancement | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Whether you’re a professional photo editor or just enjoy editing your own photos as a hobby you’re going to want this next app.  It’s called Pixelmator and it’s a powerful...

Clustr – Find The Fun Anywhere | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review In a world dominated by social-media and online reputations, it’s getting harder to stay anonymous. If you don’t want to be off the grid completely, but want some shred of...
hue lightsvideo

Hue Lights – Custom Home Lighting | NewsWatch Review

Appwatch Review It is becoming easier and easier to customize aspects of our living space with technology these days. Smart bulbs are on the fast track to popularity as they put home...
Facebook MoneyPenny

Facebook, In True 007 Fashion, Introduces Their Own “Moneypenny”

by: Nick Gambino Apple really started something with this whole Siri thing, my God. It seems everyone and their mother is quick to jump on the personal virtual/digital assistant bandwagon. Microsoft has...
Black Lawvideo

Black’s Law Dictionary – Dictionary App For Law

AppWatch If you are an attorney, law student or anyone involved in the legal world then there is a good chance you have heard of Black’s Law Dictionary. It is somewhat of...
Epic Bug Warvideo

Epic Bug War – Protect Earth From Alien Bugs! | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review A new gaming app called Epic Bug War has come to the AppStore. It combines ease of play without sacrificing the challenge of playing it. The purpose of the game...

SnikPic – Get Your Friends Talking | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It seems there are endless possibilities when it comes to social media and photo-sharing apps. A new one with an intriguing twist is called SnikPic. Designed to engage your followers...
reTXT - NewsWatchvideo

ReTXT – Texting Redefined | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Have you ever wanted to take back a text you sent or change what you said? Text messaging has more features than it did a few years back, but it’s...

Hakuoki – A Memorable Visual Novel | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Acclaimed anime video game Hakuoki gained popularity in Japan and has made its way around the world. The game was just recently released in Canada and the U.S. Hakuoki...
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