Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How to Watch March Madness at Work | NewsWatch Review

By: Nick Gambino If you work in any job outside of Sports Journalism there’s a good chance you’re going to miss some key NCAA basketball games while you’re at work. But don’t...

Uber Introduces New “Going My Way” Feature

By: Nick Gambino Uber has just announced a new service/feature which allows drivers to pick up riders on their way to a personal destination. Meaning if Uber drivers are on their way...
Facebook MoneyPenny

Facebook, In True 007 Fashion, Introduces Their Own “Moneypenny”

by: Nick Gambino Apple really started something with this whole Siri thing, my God. It seems everyone and their mother is quick to jump on the personal virtual/digital assistant bandwagon. Microsoft has...

MoveTube – The Home Search Channel | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review The real estate industry has always been a popular topic for consumers, and with the advent of online search portals and mobile applications for real estate listings, that industry...
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