Friday, January 21, 2022

Hakuoki – A Memorable Visual Novel | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Acclaimed anime video game Hakuoki gained popularity in Japan and has made its way around the world. The game was just recently released in Canada and the U.S. Hakuoki...

Slot Bonanza – Vegas Slots In Your Pocket | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Have you ever hit the slot machines in a casino and wished you could play them all day long, on your couch at home or on a train? Sometimes you...
Milli The Snailvideo

Milli The Snail – Small Snail In A Big World | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Interactive mobile games for children have become pretty popular these days. Children and their young impressionable minds can easily adapt to the touch of a cellphone or tablet. The...

Radiation Island – Survival Horror | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review If you watch us often, you know we try and highlight the best apps for your phones and tablets. This game here is definitely no exception. It has been praised...
Bubbly Walrusvideo

Bubbly Walrus – Fun with Math | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Arguably, the best phone games are the ones that get you to actually think. Instead of killing brain cells with a video game that just absorbs your attention, why not...

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Verizon and AT&T Expand 5G Across the U.S.

Photo:Frederik Lipfert By: Nick Gambino Verizon and AT&T are switching on 5G (C-band) across most of the U.S., bringing the high-speed service to areas which until...

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