By: Nick Gambino

At their Far Out event on Wednesday, Apple, as we predicted, unveiled four new iPhone 14 models to tide us over until the latest and greatest next year.

There are some pretty major changes that might have you looking to trade in your iPhone 13 Pro for the new and improved model. Here’s a breakdown of each of the four new Apple phones.

iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus both have the same guts, just in a different size body. The regular 14 comes in at 6.1 inches, while the 14 Plus is a bit bigger at 6.7 inches. But let’s talk specs.

There’s not a whole lot to expect (that’s a “spec” pun) here as this is the base model. Sure, it’s referred to as the “standard” iPhone, but the Pro series has become the go-to for consumers over the past couple of years.

The main camera in the 14 (rear-facing) is still 12MP, just like the iPhone 13. The big difference is it has a larger and better sensor. The selfie (front-facing) camera is also 12MP but now has autofocus for the first time.

Just like its predecessor, the iPhone 14 and the 14 Plus operate off the A15 Bionic chip but it’s jumped from a 4-core CPU to a 5-core.

Another big change is the fact that they’ve done away with physical SIMs in these new phones. No more little trays that carry the brain of the phone. Instead, they’ve been replaced by an eSIM system. We’re not sure if iPhones outside the U.S. will continue to carry a physical SIM tray.

Starting price: $799 (iPhone 14) / $899 (iPhone 14 Plus)

iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max

Okay, if you like flashy new features and big changes, here’s where you’re going to get excited. The iPhone 14 Pro and its big brother, the 14 Pro Max, come in the same size as the 14 and 14 Plus, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively. They are, however, very different phones from their standard counterparts.

Both Pros run on the A16 Bionic chip and include always-on displays, but it’s the change to the irksome notch that’s got most people talking.

The new notch is being referred to as a dynamic island because it’s free from the edge and just kind of floats there as part of the display. The pill-shaped notch has now been incorporated as part of the activity of the screen as opposed to taking up space to hide sensors and cameras. I mean, it still does that but now has added functionality to make it less distracting. Seems counter-intuitive, but I see what they’re doing here.

As for the cameras, both 14 Pros are still rocking a three-camera system on the back. The 48MP main camera is a huge upgrade over the 13 Pro’s 12MP. As for the other two, you’re getting a 12MP telephoto lens (3x optical zoom) and 12MP ultra-wide lens. The front-facing, selfie camera is still 12MP but now includes an autofocus feature.

Starting price: $999 (iPhone Pro) / $1,099 (iPhone 14 Pro Max)