Thursday, March 21, 2019

Onata – Providing Quality Service on Demand | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch As we age and go through the various stages of life, we use an ever-revolving door of services. And unfortunately, there’s not one comprehensive platform that contains all the services we...

SnagRide – First Long Distance Ridesharing Community with Blockchain Technology | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Move over Uber, we’ve got a long drive ahead of us and SnagRide’s going to take the wheel. SnagRide is America’s first long-distance ridesharing community that combines AI with the increasingly popular...
Social Gracesvideo

Social Graces – Creating Happier and More Peaceful Households | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch While mobiles devices can sometimes seem to distract and damage the communication between parents and kids, there is an app out there that has made it their mission to cultivate a...

ArriveHome – Instantly Connecting You to Real Estate Agents | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Buying a home requires speed and a competitive edge to make sure someone doesn’t scoop up your ideal pad before you. The ArriveHome app is designed around making sure you don’t lose...

ShelterZoom – Real Estate Offer and Acceptance App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch So, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the word “blockchain” being tossed around. Especially as the system allowing for the transaction of Bitcoins. But it’s application is more far-reaching. ShelterZoom is a...
Your Key Secretsvideo

Your Key Secrets – Get to Know Yourself a Little Better | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Numerology, astrology, tarot, and psychic readings have held a certain fascination for thousands of years. And at times they’ve proven to be eerily accurate. Your Key Secrets is a DIY app that...

iMazing – Transfer Files, Songs, Photos and More Directly Between Your Computer and Mobile...

AppWatch With the newly released iPhone X and even the iPhone 8, Apple’s devices are working on a whole new level of excellence. But despite the success of these new smartphones, there...

PlantSnap – Identify Several Plant Species in a Snap | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch When you walk outside and look around, how many different types of plants can you name? Personally, I’d be lucky if we could name 2 or 3. With over 400,000 known...
The Travel Angelvideo

The Travel Angel – Know Your Fly Rights | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch We all have our horror stories at the airport or on an airplane. From delayed flights, to getting bumped, to some even being removed from a flight once they’re already seated....
Rx Healthvideo

Rx.Health – Providing Doctors the Best Digital Medicine Solutions | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Doctors today are prescribing mobile apps directly to your cell phone. But what does it mean to prescribe an app? And with over 265,000 health and wellness apps on the Apple...
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